Named on Yahoo's Most Influential Influencers list and featured in Forbes, Alexandra is a mom and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee with a Masters degree from the University of Memphis in business, International Business studies at Bournemouth University in England, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Business with a focus in marketing. She has been featured in the New York Weekly Times, Influensive, Los Angeles Weekly Times, Medium, Hollywood Digest, and Yahoo Finance.

Alexandra fills her days pursuing the dream of being her own boss as a full time National Brand influencer/blogger and brand developer. She began The Confident Boss after discovering her love for consulting with and helping others build start-ups, both brick and mortar and web based, from the ground up.

Her blog, City Chic Living, began as a way for her to escape her daily hustle, sharing her ideas on entrepreneurism, fashion choices, beauty hacks, home decor, lessons on staying healthy, ideas on unconventional parenting, and her travel diaries with the world!

"Just as my blog and business has empowered me to successfully expand in my expertise and experiences, UE Academy is designed for the unconventional entrepreneur who seeks to be empowered through financial freedom and the creativity that is afforded through becoming their own boss." - Alexandra Nicole